Guan Seng Hing Electronics Sdn Bhd
4270 & 4271,
Jalan Kampong Benggali,
12200 Butterworth,
Penang, Malaysia.


Toshiba/ Panasonic/ Hitachi Refrigerator Thermostat-MM1-6180B MMI-6135

R8103 National/Panasonic Refrigerator Thermostat-SWTB-8624

R8134 Refrigerator Thermostat-ATB-Y134(Chiller Use)

R8125 LG/TOSHIBA Refrigerator Thermostat-SWTB-R130A

R8132 Refrigerator Thermostat-ATB-Y132( Chiller Freezer Use)

Samsung/LG Refrigerator Thermostat PFN-C174S-03D

R PCC8111-A Refrigerator Thermostat-PFN-111A

LG/ELBA PEN-C171A Refrigerator Thermostat-R8101PCC

LG/ELBA Refrigerator Thermostat-AWTB-124GS


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