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SP-450 & SP-1250

SP-450 & SP-1250 Switching Powered Amplifier DENN Professional Audio (PA) System - XTREME PRO Series

SP450 / SP-1250: Intelligent signal limiter
Volume fades out of control
Efficient improvement of class H amplifier circuit
Multiplex detection of multiple protection function
Encryption intelligent driving module, 100kHz, high
  freq & high rate switching power supply mode
All adopt the international brand of high frequency
  ripple and low impedance electrolysis, enhance
  the quality & low intensity of sinking depth
Rated Power THD <0.05% Stereo:
  SP-450: 2x450W 8Ω, 2x625W 4Ω, 2x338W 2Ω
  SP-1250: 2x1250W 8Ω, 2x1900W 4Ω, 2x1200W 2Ω
Bridge Output Power:
  SP-450: 1x1200W 8Ω, 1x650W 4Ω
  SP-1250: 1x3750W 8Ω, 1x2350W 4Ω
RMS Distortion (1 kHz):
  SP-450: 0.15% 8Ω/ 0.20% 4Ω
  SP-1250: 0.20% 8Ω/ 0.30% 4Ω
RMS Distortion (20Hz - 20kHz)
  SP-450: 0.15% 8Ω/ 0.20% 4Ω
  SP-1250: 0.30% 8Ω/ 0.50% 4Ω
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz, ±0.5dB (8Ω 1W)
Dampling Factor:
  SP-450: >200 under 8Ω
  SP-1250: >400 under 8Ω
S/N Ratio: ≥95dB
Slew Rate:
  SP-450: 52V/US
  SP-1250: 92V/US
Voltage Gain:
  SP-450: AV=60
  SP-1250: AV=100
Input Sensitivity: 1.00V/1kHz
Panel Indicators: Power Green LEDx2, Signal Yellow
  LED x2, Clip Red LED x2, Protect Red x2
Signal Selection: XLR Balanced input
  (1 Ground 2 Positive 3 Negative)
Mode Selection: Stereo, Parallel, Bridged
Prod Dimension (WxHxD): 480mm x 90mm x 450mm
Shipping Dimension (WxHxD): 585 x 150 x 570mm
Net Weight/ Gross Weight:
  SP-450: 8.5kg/ 9.5kg
  SP-1250: 13.0kg/ 14.0kg

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